We are Educators.  We are teachers, administrators, classified personnel, representatives of PTOs and Education Foundations, and other education-aligned organizations and friends of Education.  We are Educators seeking the answers that will move Education forward; answers that can integrate this quickly changing and highly technological present and future and the opportunities they present, while still recognizing Education’s contributions, tradition and culture.

EI1 is an independent, nonprofit organization for the Collaboration, Research, Development, and Implementation of programs focused on advancing 21st Century Education in America and Education’s standing as a valued component of the national infrastructure.

Our goal is to advance educational excellence through the systematic investigation, support, and implementation of promising new and re-directed concepts, methodology, technology, tools, and programs which can be applied to the overall advancement of K-12 Education in America.

EI1’s Vision is the collaborative advancement of and unlimited access to the finest, innovative, high-quality Education program achievable.


EI1’s “Mission” is to search out and sponsor the development and sustainable implementation of revolutionary and evolutionary concepts and research; to bridge the gap between fundamental discoveries and their application to the general profession of Education.

EI1 – Working to enhance our national Education program by partnering with both large and small educational programs and stakeholders to develop, introduce and foster advances that will not only improve our educational capabilities, but can change the way we learn – to advance education to its highest level through design.

EI1 – The place where proven innovative ideas are put to work in the classroom to become reality for the students of today and tomorrow.