EI1’s School of Professional Development will develop and provide programs, materials and instructors through conferences, on-site and distance learning designed to advance the learning experience and to advance Educators in the performance of their profession.  Primary attention will be directed at advances directed at the practitioner and the practice, Best Practices presentations, cooperative and collaborative learning, the research and implementation of advanced techniques and technology and other areas of professional interest.

EI1’s Professional Development program will offer Education professionals programs and processes in the multiple primary disciplines and areas of Education.  Designated Professional Development programs will provide courses and educational programs such as Staff Development, Continuing Education, Distance Learning, and various informational national and local seminars and schools.  Programs will also be incorporated into EI1 Education Idea Exchanges (see Conventions & Events)

EI1‘s Professional Development subject matter is Educator-generated and Educator-directed.  Their selection, development and success rely greatly on the input and participation of practitioners, affording them an opportunity to have a direct hand in the way their profession is conducted.


EI1’s Professional Development efforts are focused on the development and implementation of multi-dimensional programs covering Education’s numerous disciplines.  They will present advances directed at both the practitioner and the practice and, where applicable, will demonstrate not only how the subject matter is implemented, but how it may be modified and attuned to meet an individual Educator’s needs or applied cross-curricular.

When possible, programs will be conducted by the innovator, followed by an open forum where the audience can exchange information with those performing and/or representing the subject matter.

Staff Development programs are anticipated to be offered during the academic year at numerous local venues throughout the state, convenient to area Educators.