EI1 encompasses and advances the primary concerns shared by all Education-based organizations and allied groups, the stabilization and advancement of the practice known as Education, while facilitating a common platform for cooperation and advocacy between them.

EI1 will do its utmost to urge those charged with Education’s oversight to understand that their responsibility is not only to approve educational advances, but to also provide the support and resources necessary to implement them and all required programs on a sustainable basis.

We will offer assistance to the Education community and the public to better inform decision makers in the support of Education and to counter actions that are considered to be contrary to the best interests of advancing Education in America.

EI1’s Education Alliance community relations effort will be devoted to promoting and enhancing public/private partnerships and bringing about a greater understanding of Education and its cultural and economic impact on communities.

EI1’s Parent Alliance Initiative will search out, develop, promote and assist the facilitation and the implementation of programs and legislation that improve, or have application to supporting the education and inclusion of parents in the educational process.



For it is through proactive participation that Educators not only advance the educational process and the profession, but can also change the narrative. It is through participation that we remind those who question the Education community and its abilities, that we are their partners, with the same goals and vision for our common constituency – our children.

At EI1 our primary goal – our commitment – is to advance the process of teaching and learning and, as Educators, to maintain our place at the table.