EI1 was conceived as a center for achieving academic excellence.  Our goal is to help Educators develop their capabilities, to support and grow proficiencies, to engage in a vibrant community of colleagues, and to support and encourage high standards for Education professionals.  Our directive – to search out revolutionary high-return, viable concepts and programs for instruction and learning and facilitate their introduction and implementation into mainstream Education.  We are committed to enhancing Education’s performance, viability and positive visibility within the community and the nation and, when necessary, to influence action in support of educational excellence for the new century.

We propose to redesign and advance Education in America and to redefine Education’s role in the process, development, and delivery of teaching and learning by:

  • Instituting ongoing and sustainable programs for the Research, Development and Implementation of programs and processes directed at advancing Education
  • Conducting Education “Outreach” programs, providing support and funding directed at the implementation of unique and innovative concepts applicable to advancing all facets of K-12 Education
  • Collecting and disseminating information pertaining to Education, including Best Practices, theories on learning, statistical data, and other applicable research
  • Providing educational programs and publications in all aspects of teaching and learning, education research and development, finance, management, advocacy, and other specialized areas of professional interest
  • Developing and maintaining professional development and assessment programs to encourage high standards for Education professionals
  • Facilitating and advocating the redefinition, redesign, and advancement of the profession of Education
  • Advocating the interest and support of Education before local, state, and federal policy makers and governmental bodies
  • Publicizing and communicating promotional and educational information and materials to stakeholders, special interest groups, and the general public


EI1 long-term plan is very clear:

• Afford all within the Education community inclusion in the process.
• The establishment of promising programs and services and to insure their availability and accessibility by all Educators.
• Enhance Education’s viability and positive visibility within the community and the nation, and ultimately
• To emphasize Education’s prominence as a profession of achievement, a culture of excellence and a valued component of the national infrastructure