America’s industrial complex has inherently had the freedom to act quickly and decisively through defined Research & Development (R&D) programs which has paid exceptional dividends in terms of revolutionary advancement, capabilities, production and product quality. We believe this community we know as Education must cultivate the same capabilities to develop the same type of programs, and more importantly, support and implement them in order to achieve those same goals and opportunities for its constituency – our children.

EI1‘s Educational Research, Development & Implementation programs will conduct, provide support, and funding directed at the discovery and implementation of unique and innovative concepts.  Individual programs will extend from the review of new and available educational research and development and its application to real-life conditions, conducting scientific investigations in the classroom, developing full-scale prototypes of innovative systems and research ranging from individual teaching techniques and programs, to procedures and processes applicable to advancing K-12 Education. We will promote and assist the implementation of these advances by partnering with schools and districts, providing support through tailored Education Outreach programs and, once proven effective and sustainable, we will promote the contribution of these qualified advances and advocate their addition to the larger Educational process.

EI1 will look to Co-development opportunities and other available operating structures to augment in-house efforts, to improve efficiencies and to respond to opportunities with other like-minded organizations.    (see Partners in Education)

As an Educator-driven organization, EI1‘s R&D and Implementation programs provide the practitioner with unique opportunities to participate in both the design and oversight of a program’s development.