Education for the 21st Century

The principal program areas outlined here have been deemed by EI1‘s coalition of Educators as fulfilling an immediate and wide ranging need of Educators…

Purpose and Process

Our directive – to search out revolutionary high-return, viable concepts and programs for instruction and learning.

Participating in the Process

EI1’s membership represents Educators who daily conduct their profession with knowledge, experience and integrity under some of the most difficult of conditions.

Employer Matching

Please join with us in developing and providing programs and services dedicated to the advancement of Education in America.

The Management Team

Chairman and Co-Founder – Joe Mark | Advisory Board Chair and Co-founder – Dr. Beverly Rohrer, Ed. D. | Director of Finance and CFO – Gary Wayland, CPA

Why EI1?

Who better to define and design Education’s future than those most knowledgeable in its practice and process?

Changing the Narrative

Through proactive participation Educators can not only advance the educational process and the profession, but can also change the narrative.

EI1’s School of Professional Development

Programs, materials and instructors through conferences, on-site and distance learning designed to advance the learning experience and to advance Educators in the performance of their profession.



I would like to welcome and introduce you to EI1.

EI1 is an organization of, by and for Educators dedicated to raising educational performance and advancing educational excellence in America.  EI1 is an Educator’s Education Initiative.

This community we call “Education” has long had a history of achievement and a culture of excellence and plays a vital role in our nation’s strength, security and technological superiority, but in order to continue doing so, Education must evolve to reflect our changing world.  We believe that the Education community, that Educators, must take a proactive role in that evolution; to become directly engaged in the design, development and the practice of teaching and learning.

To achieve that end, a coalition of Educators joined together to look to the future of Education in America in the 21st century. With the collaboration of key participants from K-12 Education, business professionals and stakeholders, we undertook a program to better understand how Education might evolve and to find viable and sustainable solutions that would move Education forward. Our “mission” is to search out and sponsor the development and sustainable implementation of revolutionary and evolutionary concepts and research; to bridge the gap between fundamental discoveries and their application to the general profession of Education.

EI1 is the product of that effort, and is based on the principle that Education is America’s most important and essential industry and that simply maintaining it is no longer acceptable!

To paraphrase George Bernard Shaw:

“Some see things as they are and say “Why?”  Others see things as they could be and say “Why not?”

We offer the following for your consideration.

Joe Mark
Chairman & Co-Founder