The principal program areas outlined here have been deemed by EI1‘s coalition of Educators as fulfilling an immediate and wide ranging need of Educators and as the most probable to provide a significant and effective impact on Education in general.  They address those areas considered essential to meeting EI1‘s vision and mission, and which support and represent the needs of Education and our membership to the fullest extent possible.

EI1 – Programs & Services:

Other Departments, Programs and Services are under development and will be instituted as resources become available or as needed.

EI1’s defined Research & Development (R&D) programs will return exceptional dividends in terms of revolutionary advancement and capabilities; where innovative, Educator-proven ideas are put to work in the classroom to become reality for the students of today and tomorrow.

EI1‘s Professional Development programs and Education Idea Exchanges will provide some of the most accessible forums for personally sharing knowledge and information on Education processes and issues; a place where attendees can brainstorm with the best and the brightest.

EI1‘s Advocacy programs will develop and provide qualified/credentialed Advocates and supportive documentation to testify in the support of Education.