EI1’s membership represents the wide range of Education professionals; Educators who daily conduct their profession with knowledge, experience and integrity under some of the most difficult of conditions. They are mainstream Educators (Certificated, Administrative, ESP, Classified), school administrations and support organizations (School Boards, Student Councils, School Site Councils), school allied organizations (Education Foundations, PTO/PTAs), state and local Education officials, Academics, students, and other stakeholders and friends of Education.

Through membership they gain:

  • The opportunity to have a direct hand in the way their profession is perceived and conducted.
  • The authority as well as the responsibility for Education’s outcome.
  • Access to programs that demonstrate how both the practice and the practitioner can be improved and advanced.
  • The opportunity to network with peers as well as industry and government leaders and to tap into other’s experiences for a better understanding of your particular discipline or field of interest.
  • An Advocate that speaks for Education whose primary objective is the advancement of the practice of Education.
  • The choice of Educator-developed and Educator-approved resources.
  • The option to resource and tailor programs and services to meet individual needs.
  • The opportunity to define Education’s future.

Our members share in options and opportunities never before available to the Education community.  They become active participants in the process.  They become part of an organization that is uniquely of and by Educators, and they share in the power of numbers, self-investment and a common positive outlook for Education’s future.


EI1‘s Programs are Educator-generated and Educator-directed.  Their development and success relies greatly on the input and participation of Educators.  We invite you to have a direct hand in the way your profession is perceived and conducted.

If you know of, or been involved with, an Educator, a program, a process, or a unique or innovative concept that supports our mission to Advance Education in America, or you have a subject or area of interest that you believe should be addressed – please let us know., Your colleagues, your community and, most importantly, your students will thank you!

To submit a proposal or recommendation for consideration, contact us at: