Who better to define and design Education’s future than those most knowledgeable in its practice and process?  Who better than those who most carry the responsibility for its outcome?

  • Educators want to be involved and invested in moving the process forward.
  • Educators support collaborative learning & communication.
  • Educators encourage and support professional development.
  • Educators value the idea of sharing information and conferencing with peers from different districts, of learning through demonstration and opening doors for other Educators.
  • Education needs Advocates that are Education-based and Education-supported.
  • The institution of the Common Core State Standards Initiative, NGSS Standards and other programs demands there be a formalized process for the research, development and funding of programs and processes directed at their implementation…. a process that must include mainstream Educators.

It is clearly evident that the present system needs to make significant changes in order to move effectively into the 21st century. We submit that the most important of those changes is the active engagement and participation of the educational community.

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ed·u·ca·tor ‘e-ja- ka-tar\ noun
1. One skilled in the practice of teaching, imparting information, supporting an inquiring mind.
2. One that educates – a teacher, administrator or other person involved in the planning, directing or support of the process we call education.
3. One who informs or inspires others.

ed·u·ca·tion ‘e-ja- ka-shn\ noun
1. The act or process of educating or learning, an instructive or enlightening experience.
2. The knowledge or skill obtained or developed by a learning process.
3. All who are directly involved in the design, delivery, administration and support of this process we call Education.