EI1 is the result of numerous “Conversations” with focus groups and key participants representing the K-12 educational community, as well as Education-allied business professionals and stakeholders. Initially conceived as a vehicle for Educational Research & Development, the organization’s area of focus was broadened from the classroom, to encompass the comprehensive design and delivery of Education – Staff Development, Continuing Education, implementation, Advocacy, operations, resources, support, etc. Research indicated that we were unable to assess performance or define effective advances in any one area without addressing the others.

Building on the premise that Education is society’s most important and essential Industry and understanding that Education by its nature will never be a business does not preclude it from becoming more business-like; we looked both within and outside of the Education paradigm to consider effective, proven and advanced concepts and operational processes and their potential application to Education’s advancement.

EI1’s operational structure is based on blending the best of practices and processes from Education with elements and strategies from some of our nation’s premiere organizations and businesses. We looked to both public and private organizations recognized as exceptional at advancing the process and the message of their industry and who were foremost in the institution of programs and services to educate and inform their membership and the public, and others designated to oversee our nation’s research and development programs. Two of the most prominent strategies observed and adopted were the principles of “open and pro-active self-improvement” and “the free exchange of ideas and information” to advance one’s goals.

EI1 evolved into its present form and was incorporated as a Public Benefit (Non-Profit) Corporation, and became operational in 2014.