Chairman and Co-FounderJoe Mark has more than twenty-five years of Education oversight and comparable career Business experience.  He has served on both an Elementary and a High School Board of Trustees; participated in the founding and oversite of an Education Foundation and has chaired numerous Education and Civic committees and programs.  His years of experience with the vagaries of Education and the conditions under which it is practiced gives him knowledge of both Education’s successes and failures, as well as its many areas of opportunity and potential. His professional background in Industry and Business has given him an understanding of research, program development and the implementation of new and innovative ideas.

Advisory Board Chair and Co-founderDr. Beverly Rohrer, Ed. D. Dr. Rohrer brings 50 years’ experience as an Educator and school Administrator.  30 years a Superintendent, Dr. Rohrer has served on the staff of the LA County Superintendent of Schools; as a consultant to GO-JG (on virtual educational program development); member of the California State Board of Directors, Fiscal Crisis and Management Team (FCMAT), the State Legislature and Department of Education Fine Arts Task Force and on the State Committee, California Technology Assistance Program, (CTAP); a member of the Board of Directors, and Past President of LARISA, Founding Member of the Board of Directors and Past President of the LACOE and guest lecturer for the UCLA Principals’ Academy.  Dr. Rohrer is recognized for bringing school districts to national prominence and for vanguard achievements in educational excellence and reform.

Director of Finance and CFO – Gary Wayland, CPA.  Gary Wayland has 30+ years of management in financial services, during which he has been responsible for maintaining the service and financial relationships of numerous Civic and Education organizations and non-profits.