To augment in-house program efforts and funding, EI1 also looks to alternative operating structures, such as Joint Ventures and Co-development agreements to support and bring specific projects to fruition in a more efficient, effective and economical manor. Collaborations allow us to better utilize available resources and to respond to opportunities with other common-interest organizations that provide services or have instituted smaller, parallel programs whose criteria meet our goals.

We are pleased to present:

Los Angeles Educational Research Institute (LAERI)

It is with great pleasure that we announce that we have reached an understanding with the Los Angeles Education Research Institute (LAERI) to enter into a cooperative effort in which LAERI will conduct much of EI1 Research activities and provide support in defining program direction, development, assessment and implementation.

A-MAN, Inc., of Los Angeles

We are also pleased to announce that we have entered into co-development discussions with A-MAN, Inc., of Los Angeles, for the planning, development and subsequent delivery of a variety of STEM-based Staff Development offerings to Educators throughout California.  (See Program Status Reports)


Note: Although the counsel and assistance provided by these and other organizations is of immeasurable value, that cooperation is not intended to imply a current or future commitment by either party.  Any formal collaborative effort under consideration is subject to administrative review and approval by the respective organizations.