As we progress towards our goals, a status report on each program under development, in transition, or successfully completed, will appear here.

Professional Development – General Education:
Access Education
– is a Professional Development program directed at discovering the best teaching and learning programs and processes that are currently available to the Education community, as defined by the practitioner. Inclusive in this effort are many programs and processes perceived as advancing the practice, but for varying reasons, are in limited release or have restricted accessibility. Our goal is to verify performance and once confirmed, to expand their availability and accessibility to the general Education community and to support their implementation in underserved and/or economically challenged school communities. (Pilot Program implementation is anticipated to be the 2016-2017 Academic year)

Programs and processes documented as “high performing” will be presented to authorities charged with Education’s oversight for consideration of their contribution and addition to the larger Educational process.

Professional Development – STEM:
STEM Educator/Stakeholder Symposium – Our premier STEM Education Idea Exchange is proposed as a real-time conversation between STEM-aligned Educators and Stakeholders. It is designed not only to inform, but to afford participants a glimpse of the future and what will be expected of tomorrow’s labor force. It is projected to provide Education a strong indication of what today’s students will need to succeed tomorrow and Industry a better understanding of the educational process. We also anticipate that this event will generate numerous partnership opportunities to meet our common goals. The collected data from these and upcoming Education Idea Exchange events will assist EI1 in defining, designing and directing future Professional Development programs to meet the needs of the Educators and students of that future. (Projected for 2016-2017 academic year)

STEM Resource Team Program – Development – We are continuing to assemble our state-wide team of volunteer Scientists, Technologists, Engineers, practitioners and other STEM-aligned science and industry professionals to provide their services as a resource to practicing STEM Educators. Subject to securing additional support, it is anticipated to be available in the fall (Projected for 2016-2017 academic year)

WikiONE / STEM is a member-driven website for K-12 STEM Educators and stakeholders that details integrated math-science projects which complement public school math and science curricula and support national/regional learning standards such as Common Core and NGSS. Presently under development, WikiONE/STEM is anticipated to be on-line this year. (Projected for Fall 2016.)

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